The Wash (Dance Film) 2021

The Wash” gives it multi meaning. burnt-out exhaustion, brain washing, but also cleansing. My inspiration came from my watching people’s behaviors and movement patterns at the height of the pandemic and observing their anxiety around their identities without their usual daily burdens. I wondered, “Who are we outside of societal pressures and expectations? Do weContinue reading “The Wash (Dance Film) 2021”

To Do Nothing (Dance Film) 2021

A video project set on the Boston Arts Academy upper house dance department, in collabroation with Adrianne Hawkeins and film by Ronnie T. Thomas (ROAR Visual Effects). A backwards timeline on the Black American history and message on to do nothing is to go backwards and not spark change. Cinematography/visual: ROAR Visual Effects (Ronnie TContinue reading “To Do Nothing (Dance Film) 2021”

Be In With (2018-2019)

Piece Description: “Be In With“, manifests the process of belonging, be it to self, to someone, to something, to everyone, or to no one at all. the piece explores the idea of belonging in many forms. Performing Artist: Amanda Edwards, Amalia Colon-Nava, Joe Gonzalez, Ankhtra Battle, Mikaela Fenton Alternating w/Ashley Rivera, and Courtney Epps Alternating w/Roxanne YoungArtistic Directors: Joe GonzalezContinue reading “Be In With (2018-2019)”