Photography: Jerry Metellus (bottom Left), Christopher Duggan (Center Back), Eric Politzer (Top Right & left)

“In a viscerally stunning solo, Joe Gonzalez embodied the resolution to fight in his throbbing chest. As his pulse slowed and quickened between moments of bodily collapse and spiritual resolve, I found myself holding and releasing my own breath along with him, only to gasp audibly when he placed his hand over his heart in final surrender…”

-Tara Giangrande (The Dance Journal) (#PuttyDanceProject)

Gene Hill Sagan’s “Sweet Agony” was my favorite piece of the night. First came the music of Teddy Pendergrass. Then Joe Gonzalez entered in a blue bodysuit with a flowing blue coat (by Frankie Fehr) accompanied by three women, his coat accentuating the flow of their dance. Gonzalez quickly became one of my favorite dancers in the city.” –

-Camille Bacon-Smith (Broad Street Review) (#Philadanco)

Jo-Mé Dance Theatre, La grâce des mouvements et la finesse des costumes sont un régal pour les yeux. C’est un spectacle que tous les amateurs de danse devraient s’empresser de voir.”

Translation: Jo-Mé Dance Theatre, The grace of the movements and the finesse of the costumes are a feast for the eyes. It is a spectacle that all dance lovers should come to see. “

– Normand écrit (Montreal Fringe Buzz) (#Jo-MeDance) (#joe’s Choreography)