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The Wash (Dance Film) 2021

The Wash” gives it multi meaning. burnt-out exhaustion, brain washing, but also cleansing. My inspiration came from my watching people’s behaviors and movement patterns at the height of the pandemic and observing their anxiety around their identities without their usual daily burdens. I wondered, “Who are we outside of societal pressures and expectations? Do weContinue reading “The Wash (Dance Film) 2021”

Static (Dance Film) 2021

A Dance Film project set on the Boston Conservatory Dance Department during the COVID-19 pandemic. The work was constructed with dancers abroad, nationally and some in the same space. Film editor: Urbanlegend MG (Imani “James” ) Dancers: Boston Conservatory dance students Department chair: Tommy Neblett WinterWorks Producer: Diane Arvanites

Fragile Spaces (2020)

A video project and collabroation with PIXSPEC and Jo-Mé Dance Theatre on moving in Fragile Spaces of mothers nature during fragile times. Video link: Cinematography/visual: Edberg KoJo Sam (Pixspec) Dancers: Naoko Brown | Courtney Epps | Jon Shaw-Mays | Joe González Behind the Sence: Sara | May-Lisa Chandler

F.E.A.R. (2019-2021)

(False Evidence Appearing Real) Description: F.E.A.R. was created in 2019-2020 on the students at Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College. A journey through 5 women in dealing with fear, understanding their fear, seeing what fear really was and overcoming the idea that they were taught or self believed that fear can take place even whenContinue reading “F.E.A.R. (2019-2021)”

the WE in I (New Work)

Video (excerpt) coming soon Description: A duet about seeing the unity in one another. Figuring out the “WE” in ourselves as we share the same space and try to remove the space between us. Performing Artist: Naoko Brown & Joe Gonzalez Length of piece: 6.5min Premiering soon!

Sitting Here (2019)

Discription: A dedication to Joe’s brother after an injury that changed his life. Movement motifs were developped by his own brother’s movement which Joe took as his inspiration for the piece. Performing Artist: Joe González Length of piece: 5min

Be In With (2018-2019)

Piece Description: “Be In With“, manifests the process of belonging, be it to self, to someone, to something, to everyone, or to no one at all. the piece explores the idea of belonging in many forms. Performing Artist: Amanda Edwards, Amalia Colon-Nava, Joe Gonzalez, Ankhtra Battle, Mikaela Fenton Alternating w/Ashley Rivera, and Courtney Epps Alternating w/Roxanne YoungArtistic Directors: Joe GonzalezContinue reading “Be In With (2018-2019)”


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