Trickled (2021)

“Trickled”, set on the Rowan University’s department of Theater & Dance. An exploration on how we move as a community when decisions are made. An evening of “Making Good Trouble” with designers and dancers, that pushed us to play with a tool box that manifest into a work that journeyed us in to discovering who we are under the table where the decisions are made.

Premiered Dec 2021

Choreography by joe González and collaborating artist

Costume Designer: Jamie Grace-Duff,

Lighting Designer: Michaela Navarro & Stephen Minder. (lighting mentor: Robert A. Thorpe)

Set Designer: Dirk Durossette

Sound Designer: David Cimetta

Curator: Paule Turner

Performing and collaborating artist: Abby Lamb, Brooke Foster, Gabrielle Langevine, Gian Verderose, Gregory Williams, Heather Desanto, Jessica Harzer, Jordyn Dauter, Kaya Snow, Meg Mary Allison, Paige Nixson, Rachel Dunn, & Tara Tucci.

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